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How to stain a deck

Deck staining tips and How To:

Inman Pro Wash Pressure Washing Deck Staining
Deck Problems

Deck Restoration can be a huge job without the tools and know how.

Cleaning your deck

Deck staining can take a long time if you don’t do it every day. Most people just hire it out but if you really want to tackle your deck I can teach you the best and easiest way. Follow these easy steps and your deck will look great

Staining your deck

  1. Make sure you clean it properly. Check out my “how to clean a deck” page for instructions on cleaning it the right way.
  2. Once its clean and dry start off by taping off your house and anything you don’t want to get stain on. You can buy some 1 mil plastic at your local hardware store. Make sure you close any open plastic areas.
  3. Open your stain bucket and using a stir stick stir it up real good. You want to make sure all of the stain is mixed properly.
  4. Always start staining the outside of the deck first, you want to leave the floor last so you can walk around and stain the rails and spindles. Start with brushing the outside and the left and right side of the spindles leaving the inside not stained.
  5. After all spindles are stained start staining the band board and upper outer handrail. The band board is the lower part of the deck that the spindles are attached to.
  6. Next stain all the support post and any header boards under the deck you might have. Don’t worry about staining under the deck, it’s not needed because it doesn't see the elements like the tops and sides.
  7. Now that the whole outer deck is done, do it again. You need 2 coats of stain to properly seal your deck.
  8. OK 2 coats are finally done. Go ahead and do some touch-up on the outside of the deck make sure every part has an even coat.
  9. Now for the inside of the deck. Start by staining the top of the handrails then go ahead and brush the inner side of the spindles. DON’T DRIP STAIN ANYWHERE, this will show through and look horrible. If you drip just brush it out before it dries.
  10. OK handrails and spindles are done. Go ahead and give them another coat before we start on staining the floor.
  11. Staining the floor can be hard on the knees so find you some knee pads and start staining next to the house brushing the deck with the grain. Brush your way down the steps. Be careful when you’re at the edge of the deck by not scraping your brush on the edge. This will leave runs on the outside of the band board.
  12. Don’t forget to give the floor and steps another good coat of stain.
  13. Now for the easy part. After the stain has dried you can now remove all the plastic and tape and pat yourself on the back because the deck looks great.
If you have any questions you can email me or give me a call id be glad to help.

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Roof Washing

Roof Washing by Roof Type

Roofs are made of various materials and when roof washing them the instructions and cleaning solution will be different for each one. Let us look at the various roof types and how to proper roof wash them.

Asphalt shingles

Regardless of where the home is located, asphalt shingles is a common roof material. The shingles are known for their sand-like and granular finish. It is the type of finish that is designed to wear out slowly. Due to the layered, delicate nature of the shingles, it is important that when roof washing them that you do it gently so you do not destroy the layer of protection. Roof washing them too
Before and After
roughly will also decrease the lifespan of your roof. If you are using a pressure washer, you should use a low-pressure washing of no higher than thirty psi, which is equal to a garden hose sprayer. You should not use a mixture of water trisodium phosphate (TSP), and bleach, even though it is found on the internet. There are several dangers associated with this solution. The bleach will only kill the surface layer of algae and mold, which will regrow, it will poison any vegetation that is under the roof when it runs off, and it can corrode the metal fastenings.

Ceramic Tiles

This type of roof is very popular in the subtropical and Southwest regions and on Spanish-style houses. This roofing material can stand higher-pressure washing. It does it without suffering from wear or corrosion. One important thing to note is that when using a pressure washer you do need to control closely the psi because if you apply high pressure to the wrong place on the roof it could crack the ceramic tile. If this happens, it could require replacing ceramic tiles on your roof. To help prevent this, it is recommended that you use a low-pressure washer. Ceramic tile roof cleaning should be done using a specialized formula that is designed to attack algae, mold, and fungi growth along with lifting stains.

Clay Tiles

These tiles look similar to ceramic tiles and are popular in Southern and Southwest states, especially California. They are made using a method that combines sand and clay to make the tiles. This type of roof is excellent insulators. They help to reduce the homeowners cooling costs. The difference between the ceramic and clay tiles is that the production methods make the clay tiles more porous. This makes them subject to wear even using low-pressure washing by a non-qualified technician. when roof washing them, you should use a garden sprayer. A clay roof that is properly maintained should have a protective sealant to inhibit the grown of many organisms. You will still need to do roof washing using just water that is mixed with dish detergent or plain water. If you prefer there are specific roof washing cleaners that you can use on your clay tiles.

All in all, The cost of roof washing a roof the non-aggressive way is significantly less than using a high-pressure jet cleaning. Typically one third. Some companies will do it, but the technique is available to private individuals as well. The ideal solution is to hire the specialized roof washing equipment: A chemical injection box and a lightweight boom is often sufficient to carry out the spraying from the ground.

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